November 22, 2016 Gastroparesis
Satate : Texas 

My name is Alyson, only 21 years old and very recently diagnosed with gastroparesis. I'm hoping posting my story will help me connect with others who can offer me a little hope to my life. Ive had on and off symptoms of IBS my entire life, but it wasn't until a couple months ago I started getting awful bloating to the point where I found it hard to move, the extreme nausea that followed, the painful acid reflux and heartburn and the weight loss. As a petite girl who has never weighed over 100 pounds, I definitely couldn't afford to lose 20 pounds. But nonetheless, I have. After all the lab tests done, an ER visit, an upper endoscopy and X-ray, they have concluded I have gastroparesis. i see a lot of people saying to remain hopeful, but honestly this has already taken away many aspects of my life, its extremely difficult to have even a glimmer of hope. I had to take a leave off work, I never take my dog out, I hardly leave the house, I have to take 4 different medicines each day just to be able to function half way. Can anyone tell me it gets better? I guess I'm just terrified that this is going to be my life forever and I'll have to quit my job and stay at home for the rest of my days. I'm very scared, everyone. i love my life and I wish to have it back. Please offer some hope. 

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January 9, 2017 17:01 — Veronika

Hi Alyson, I am a survivor of gastroparesis and hope to help you. It is very hard to get over, but its possible. I had it for a little longer than a year and a half, and at first it does seem to take over your life. I missed several months of school, couldn't get out of bed, and eventually almost stopped eating and drinking completely, losing weight rapidly, and was threatened with a feeding tube. I almost lost my friends and became severely depressed, but I'm glad that I went through it, because it showed how strong I was. But nevertheless I'm sorry for what you are going through, no one should have to go through it. The hard thing about gastroparesis is that it's unpredictable, you have good and bad days, you have different severities, and gastroparesis can last to as short as a couple months or a life time. However, I will say with proper dieting I was able to overcome a high severity of gp (gastroparesis.) But I do know that most of the battle with gp is mental, because with my depression it made it several times worse. What I suggest I on a good day, write a note to yourself about how strong you are and how you know you'll be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel (and if you belong to a religion, than you can incorporate that in there too.) Now when you are having a really bad day, read that. This helped me so much, along with writing my feelings down in a diary. Another thing is to keep caring and understanding family and friends close. While they might not understand, they can still help. Hopefully this helped!