February 12, 2016 Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Country : United Kingdom 

of irritable bowel syndrome and inflammation in the stomach due to gastritis. I am at my witts end as to what will help me. The doctors have prescribed an array of medication including anti-depressants which none are working. The specialist at the hospital has given me no advice other than use your medication and trial and error with my food. I have recently lost my job due to my illness. It affects me in all aspects of my life eg:
Going out clubbing.
Going out for a meal.
General day to day duties.
My sleeping pattern.
My moods.
Even a trip in to town.
It affects everything and I have quite frankly had enough I want to be a normal happy 25 year old, I spend all my time at home scared of when it's going to happen. I only eat because I know I have to and once my gastritis starts that makes my irritable bowel worse and it really takes its toll on me. I guess I'm looking for any advice and someone to talk to as no1 I know has got it or understands what's its like to be in constant pain everyday and to have that worry looming over my head every day.

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