Noncompetitive grants may be made from time to time by IFFGD. These discretionary awards support activities or research in line with our mission. They are awarded on a case-by-case basis that considers merit, program need, funding availability, and extraordinary circumstances. No program announcements are made. The decision to make these awards rests solely with IFFGD. 


Pediatric Consortium for Research in Functional Gastrointestinal/Motility Disorders 

Primary Investigator: Carlo Di Lorenzo, MD, Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Multi-year award.

Aims: To build an infrastructure that will allow the consortium to collect information from different participating centers using a user friendly, secure system; to complete research projects that are feasible in a relatively short period of time and which will create momentum for further larger, longitudinal research studies. Initial studies will involve centers chosen by the steering committee. Future studies will be open to any interested party who will submit a research proposal. Research proposals will be evaluated and prioritized by the steering committee.  


Neuroenteric Research Program 

Primary Investigator: Braden Kuo, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital. Multi-year award.

Aims: To build a center comprised of 4 key infrastructures working in close collaboration and interaction including clinical, human imaging, animal, and patient registry leading to a genomic/proteomics program for cyclic vomiting syndrome; to conduct medical translational research evaluating the fundamental mechanisms and therapeutic targets for disorders of gastrointestinal motility and sensation; to gain better understanding of mechanisms that underlie upper gastrointestinal (GI) motility that are involved in sensations of satiation, nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain as seen clinically as upper GI dysmotilities, conditions of gut dysmotility and sensation such as gastroparesis, cyclic vomiting syndrome, functional dyspepsia, and abnormal feeding behaviors.