By speaking out with us, you can have an impact on improving the quality of life for those suffering with digestive diseases.

Awareness Ambassadors

Awareness Ambassadors are individuals who volunteer their time and skills to raise awareness of functional GI and motility disorders (FGIMDs) in a number of different ways. These courageous individuals serve as the face of the FGIMD community and continually work to build compassion and understanding for the FGIMD patient experience. 

Awareness Tools

  • Flyers/Posters – hang these up at your neighborhood coffee shop or hand them out at your local farmer’s market to raise awareness for digestive diseases If you are interested, please contact us.
  • Key Messages - So you are all geared up to talk to people about what do you say?  Here are a few messages to make sure you get in when you are educating others about the diseases and what we do at IFFGD. 

Idea Starters for Raising Awareness

  • Organize an event at your local community center. Invite a speaker (or speak yourself) who has a personal story to share about the effects of digestive diseases. The event can be free, but you can ask for donations to go towards research and encourage all the people who come to find out more at!
  • Write a letter to the editor talking about the importance of research and progress in the area of digestive health. If you’ve got a personal story, you can also work with a local reporter to try and get your story told.
  • Ask your local public officials to make a proclamation, like for IBS Awareness Month in April, Gastroparesis Awareness Month in August, GERD Awareness Week in November.
  • Use Facebook and Twitter (and make sure you "like" and "follow" us too) to encourage your friends and family to join us in creating a community of support and awareness of digestive diseases.
  • Design a t-shirt on and encourage your friends and family to purchase and wear it. Bonus: Donate the funds to IFFGD!

Submit your results to become an Awareness Ambassador

We want to see you in action. Send us your pictures and story telling us about how you have raised awareness for digestive diseases in your community. When we all stand together, we can make a difference.

2021 Advocacy Event


Join us to share your digestive health stories with Members of Congress during IFFGD's 2021 Virtual Advocacy Event.

Your voice, along with other advocates, will make a positive impact across Capitol Hill.

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