IFFGD receives support from thousands of individuals located across the United States and in countries outside of the United States. These contributions help us to advance our education, research, and awareness efforts. Individual donations, at any level, supports these efforts. 

We receive corporate support from companies that are involved with the research, development, manufacture, and/or sales of products for the diagnosis, treatment, or management of gastrointestinal disorders or incontinence. The purpose of these contributions is to help fund activities initiated and implemented by IFFGD in order to further our mission.

We have also received support from foundations and from government agencies (National Institutes of Health). These contributions have been in support of education efforts of IFFGD.

Regardless of the source of contributions, IFFGD retains control over the application of funds and over the planning, content, objectives, methods, and execution of all initiatives and projects. We do not endorse specific products, but focus on overall treatment or management issues. IFFGD retains the independence essential to our nonprofit role as an impartial and authoritative resource.

More information about IFFGD activities and financials may be viewed on GuideStar.org, a nonprofit information service.