IFFGD's 2019 Advocacy Event on the Hill

For the millions of Americans living with the debilitating and sometimes life-threatening symptoms of a functional gastrointestinal or motility disorder, the fight for awareness, research into safe and effective treatments, and cures is ongoing. And nowhere is that fight more important than on Capitol Hill.  

Join IFFGD and advocates like you on Capitol Hill during IFFGD's 2019 Advocacy Event on the Hill to help ensure that Congress prioritizes actions that will lead to greater awareness. 

Too often, silence is a symptom that accompanies a functional gastrointestinal (GI) or motility disorder. Nowhere has the lack of dialogue and education surrounding these conditions been more detrimental than on Capitol Hill, where major funding for research originates.

IFFGD has been a voice on the Hill for years on behalf of the digestive health community. Despite the progress we have made, federal funding for functional GI and motility disorder medical research currently lags behind other digestive conditions, and patients frequently face issues regarding access to care and availability of treatment options.

You Make the Difference

By becoming an advocate for the digestive health patient community, you can help fill the information gap in Washington, DC. Your outreach to Members of Congress and the Administration will help educate policymakers about the needs of patients and inform them of how they can take meaningful action.

It can be as easy as sending an email or making a phone call to your congressional representatives. They want to hear from you.

2021 Advocacy Event


Join us to share your digestive health stories with Members of Congress during IFFGD's 2021 Virtual Advocacy Event.

Your voice, along with other advocates, will make a positive impact across Capitol Hill.

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