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Digestive Health Matters 16.01 - Spring 2007 - ELECTRONIC PDF

Digestive Health Matters 16.01 - Spring 2007 - ELECTRONIC PDFIn this issue:

  • April is IBS Awareness Month
  • What Patients Know and Would Like to Know About IBS
  • Relationships and Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Bowel Incontinence and Aging
  • Distal Esophageal Spasm (formerly Diffuse Esophageal Spasm)
  • Clinical Corner
  • Capitol Hill Minute
  • Announcements: Celebrity Support for Digestive Health; IFFGD Research Awards
  • Books of Interest
  • Gastroesophageal Reflux in Infants
  • Report from IFFGD Research Award Winner: Understanding Intestinal Gas
  • Profiles from the IFFGD Community

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Topics: DHM, DHM Magazines, Esophageal Disorders, GER, GERD, Incontinence, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Research

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