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Disorders Related to Excessive Pelvic Floor Muscle Tension

Disorders which have excessive pelvic floor muscle activity as their primary feature are often not recognized and diagnosed by physicians. However, millions of people suffer from such disorders and associated symptoms of disabling pain and disruptions in bowel and bladder control. Unfortunately, individuals with these disorders frequently seek help for many years before receiving any explanation for, or relief from their disturbing symptoms. The purpose of this article is to briefly explain the role of the pelvic floor muscles and some symptoms related to the presence of elevated tension in these muscles, and to describe various treatment options available.

Topics: Constipation, difficult to pass stools, Fact Sheet, Lower Abdominal Pain, Pelvic Pain, Pain Management, Pelvic floor disorders

About the Author

  • Jeanette Tries, PhD, OTR

    Director of Biofeedback Services, University of Illinois, Chicago, IL, Aurora Sinai Samaritan Medical Center, Milwaukee, WI, St. Joseph's Hospital, Milwaukee, WI; President, Clinic for Neurophysiological Learning, Milwaukee, WI

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