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Chlorophyllin: Is it Effective Odor Control?

Odor is what informs those around you that you have a problem with your bowel or bladder control. It causes a great deal of distress. This was also the case with patients with colostomies before good stoma appliances became available, which was about thirty to thirty-five years ago. Since the output could not be directly controlled, attention was turned to control of the odor. There were several ways in which odor was addressed – changes in diet and medication. The medications used were charcoal in various forms, which is still used commonly today, and a product that is seldom seen today, chlorophyllin.

Topics: Bowel urgency, CAM, Complementary & Alternative Treatments, Fact Sheet, Incontinence, Odor control

About the Author

  • Richard Nelson, MD

    Consultant Surgeon, Department of Surgery, Northern General Hospital, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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