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Friends and Members

Would you like to be a member of the digestive health community? You can join IFFGD today.

Become a Friend of IFFGD - it's easy to join us!

Become a friend of IFFGD/DHA by signing up at and start receiving your monthly eNewsletter updates on issues that matter. You’ll get the latest news about treatments, research breakthroughs, and the activities of those raising awareness through our grassroots arm, the Digestive Health Alliance.

Other Benefits:

  • Friends are assured receipt of the latest information about research, care, and treatment published in our eNewsletter.
  • Friends become a part of a community of support with others who understand and share common concerns.
  • Friends are provided a means to voice their concerns where they count – to researchers in government and industry, and to clinicians who care for and treat patients.
  • Friends are kept up-to-date about IFFGD events, awareness programs, clinical trials, and education programs.

Joining us as a Friend of IFFGD would also include an important intangible benefit: it demonstrates your commitment to finding a cure. It’s important for people like you to show that digestive health matters. Only you can appreciate the challenges of living with a digestive disorder and the frustrations in looking for a cure and finding instead that there are only ways to manage and adapt. Only you can fully appreciate the need for better diagnoses, treatments, and cures. That is why you must join today … and not wait for someone else to act.

Do More - Donate Now

Friends can make an even greater difference through annual donations to IFFGD. Your donation will help to support critical research into finding treatments and cures and help others with chronic digestive conditions. Donate online now!

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