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Topic: CAM, Complementary & Alternative Treatments

  1. Fact Sheet: Complementary and Alternative Treatments for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders


    By: Kirsten Tillisch, MD; Steven Tan, MD, MTOM, LAc

    If conventional medical therapies prove unsuccessful or have unwanted side effects, many people choose to pursue complementary or alternative therapies (CAM). Complementary therapies are done in addition to traditional medical treatments, and alternative therapies are done instead of medical treatments. Many CAM modalities exist and they can be roughly grouped into several categories including herbal/dietary, somatic therapies (such as acupuncture or massage), mind-body therapies (such as hypnosis or meditation), and movement or breathing exercises (such as yoga or tai chi). In this review we will discuss each of these categories, focusing on those that have been studied most rigorously.

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  2. Fact Sheet: Hypnotherapy for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders


    By: Peter J. Whorwell, MD

    Unfortunately, the word "hypnosis" often conjures up a whole variety of frequently quite negative connotations even within the medical profession. Many equate the phenomenon with the mind being taken over by the hypnotist and with loss of control by the recipient, which needless to say, is completely erroneous. As a consequence of this, the whole subject is surrounded by a cloud of mystery, which regrettably is often encouraged by those who practice the technique. Reviewed 2009.

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  3. Fact Sheet: Coping with IBS from the Inside Out: Relaxation Techniques to Manage Symptoms


    By: Debbie Zeichner, LCSW, BCD

    Dealing with a chronic gastrointestinal disorder such as IBS can be distressing. You may have days where you don't want to leave the house. You may feel you are sensitive to certain foods and/or have made significant restrictions to your diet. You may feel abdominal cramping one minute and bloating the next. You may walk into a room and check to see where the nearest restroom is, and may even avoid social situations more than you would like. Your bowel symptoms may feel unpredictable and you wish there was something more you could do to regain a sense of control of your life.

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  4. Fact Sheet: Is There a Health Benefit From High Colonics?


    By: Thomas Puetz, MD

    Is there a health benefit from high colonics? Are there risks? This article will help you understand how the bowels function and whether or not there is a role for high colonics.

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  5. Fact Sheet: Biofeedback, Incontinence, and the Patientís Perspective


    By: Nancy J. Norton, President, IFFGD

    From a presentation at a symposium on Treatment of Bowel, Bladder, and Pelvic Floor Disorders. Bowel or bladder incontinence is a 24 hour, seven day a week challenge. One never escapes it, for many it is even in our dreams. A personal account from the Founder of IFFGD.

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  6. Fact Sheet: Biofeedback, Incontinencia, y la Perspectiva del Paciente


    By: Nancy J. Norton, President, IFFGD

    Quisiera agradecer a Jeannette Tries por la invitación para estar aquí con Uds. esta mañana. Me han solicitado que conversara desde la perspectiva del paciente sobre como vivir con incontinencia o con trastornos del piso pelviano. Con un espíritu de total divulgación, puedo decir que he sido paciente de Jeannette en el pasado y puedo decir que ella es alguien que me ha devuelto la vida cuando otros han desestimado mis problemas de salud y me han demostrado no tener tiempo para mí.

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  7. Fact Sheet: What is Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)?


    By: Information Adapted from the National Diseases Information Clearinghouse NIH

    The use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) practices to maintain health or treat symptoms or illness is often controversial. Yet people all over the globe use CAM therapies. While some CAM therapies are questionable, others are accepted and employed by conventional health care providers. This publication presents an overview of CAM, types of CAM, and summary information on safety and regulation.

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  8. DHM: Digestive Health Matters 20.01 - 2011 No 1 - ELECTRONIC PDF


    By: International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders IFFGD

    Digestive Health Matters 19.03 - Fall 2010 - ELECTRONIC PDF

    In this issue:

    • April is IBS Awareness Month
    • IBS Symptom Changes you Should not Ignore
    • Research News
      - Detecting Barrett’s Esophagus
      - Treating Gastroparesis
      - Mind-Body Therapy
      - Treating Constipation
      - C. Difficile Treatment
      - Short Bowel Syndrome Treatment
    • Industry Treatment News
    • Foundation Update
      - Patient Needs Expressed
      - Professional Events
    • Legislative Update
      - Priorities for 2011
      - Register for our 2011 Capitol Hill Advocacy Day
      - DDNC Public Policy Forum
    • Hope Through Research
    • Community News
      - Digestive Health Alliance Benefit Regatta
      - First Annual Walk by the Bay

    Remember, Digestive Health Matters is FREE to Members.


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  9. DHM: Digestive Health Matters 19.03 - Fall 2010 - ELECTRONIC PDF


    By: International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders IFFGD

    Digestive Health Matters 19.03 - Fall 2010 - ELECTRONIC PDF

    In this issue:

    • Is it More than Simple Heartburn?
    • GERD Awareness Week
    • The Value of Advocacy – You’ve Got the Power
    • Common Questions and Answers about GERD
    • News You Can Use:
      - Eating Healthy Can Be a Challenge
      - Dietary Tip: FODMAPS
    • What is Complementary and Alternative Medicine?
    • Dietary Supplements
    • Support Digestive Disorders Research

    Remember, Digestive Health Matters is FREE to Members.

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